The sowing date varies according to the variety and the altitude of the geographical area where it is planted.


Characteristics required during the industrial hemp establishment phase :


  • Temperature of 12°C (range 0-10cm)
  • Press the bottom of the seedbed together to ensure that the seeder works evenly.
  • Crumble the first 3 to 7 cm to obtain good seed-soil contact (high porosity, with small-sized aggregates. However, at least 40% of the aggregates must be larger than the seed to avoid erosion such as capping).
  • Plot free of foreign bodies on its surface
  • Drained plot
  • Levelled plot


Be careful with sowing depth: 1 cm is ideal. Hemp does not have high emergence force. That’s why we recommend a depth of no more than 1 cm (Caution: Battance crust) => Limiting structure. Avoid planting hemp before heavy rainfall (risk of threshing on silty soils and seed leaching).