Situated in the heart of the Anjou region, HEMPit is an agricultural cooperative specialised in producing and marketing industrial hemp seeds. We breed, produce and market our partner producers’ seeds in an aim to develop a sustainable, competitive and responsible agriculture in line with our values: commitment, enthusiasm, durability, boldness and quality.

Led by a network of 155 propagator farmers and 30 employees, and equipped with 8000m2 of production facilities and more than 500 plots of growing area, we offer our customers in France and abroad a wide selection of certified industrial hemp seed varieties.


Support our producers

We provide support to our partner producers by supplying them with high-quality seeds, adapted to today’s challenges and emerging markets.

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We offer them innovative solutions in terms of technical itineraries and agricultural machinery to optimize their production while safeguarding natural resources and the health of humans and animals.

Cultivate industrial hemp seeds

In April-May, our partners propagate seeds on their farms…

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July-August is the period for roguing to eliminate dioïc males and plants that clearly do not possess desired traits. Harvest is performed in September.


Propagated seeds are then delivered to the cooperative. Here they are dried, then transferred to the production site’s machines for sorting and cleaning…

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Our seed production facilities sort and package the seeds before storing them in a cold room for optimal preservation.


With the support of our sales team, we advise our customers on their varietal selection (seed, straw, fibre, etc. purposes) …

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according to local production conditions. We ship and track goods until they are delivered.


Since our inception in 1964, we have developed our business in the heart of Maine et Loire, a region historically recognised as a production basin for hemp seeds thanks to its climate and proximity to the Loire Valley. Polyculture, livestock farming, horticulture, and seed production have built the region’s solid reputation, guaranteeing highly competitive productions.


Our awareness of the societal and environmental challenges of tomorrow drives us to lead the way by contributing to the promotion of bio-based hemp construction. That’s why we’ve decided to invest in a modern, inviting workspace where working together is a pleasure. We’ve designed a convivial space where we can consolidate our collective intelligence, pool our resources, and envision a hemp-filled future.

This new building, with a total surface area of 7,500 m2, includes cutting-edge industrial production facilities, a head office built using bio-based hemp materials and a genetic research laboratory dedicated to developing expertise in biotechnologies and plant breeding innovation. Building began in June 2019 and is scheduled to finish in 2021.

You can follow the building process step-by-step on our website created just for the occasion.