Industrial hemp is not a crop that requires more NPK and trace elements than a cereal, but rather an intermediate crop.

Hemp is a crop with the following requirements:

  • 80 units of nitrogen in the form of 1846 + ammo or liquid nitrogen
  • (A hemp crop may require a total of 120 U of nitrogen and a restitution of about 40 U N, here there is a restitution with the cover crop)
  • 80 phosphorus units
  • 120 units of potash (Beware of deficiencies)
  • Magnesia: 100 U minimum
  • Sulphur: 60-70 U minimum (Gispe 300 kg/Ha and at sowing with 1.5 T of poultry droppings).

Note: After the first 80-100 days of the hemp cycle, it should be fully absorbed.

Soil structure conducive to soil development: fragmentary, lumpy structure. The texture most compatible with industrial hemp cultivation is silt (beware of threshing).

If high reliquat (previous grassland, green manure application, excessive fertilization)=>Hemp lodging risk, which is higher depending on variety (Fibror 49) and climatic conditions. If lodged, fiber quality is degraded, general degradation of the plant when in contact with the soil + impossibility of harvesting seed.